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Logo Adila Apparels Logo Lucidity BD
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Biography of Shahenshah Hazarat Syed Ziaul Huq Maizbhandari (K)
Coverpage: Biography of Shahenshah Hazrat Syed Ziaul Haq Maizbhandari (K)

Zikir CD cover
Video CD: ZIKIR worldwide

Profile Zam Zam Engg
Profile: Zam Zam Engineering Ind

Company Profile Khawja Engg
Profile: Khawaja Equipment Engineering Works
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Web: Image Social Welfare

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Web: Unibrake BD
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Web: Adila Apparels

Web Total Marine Supply
Web: Total Marine Supply
F r e e Computer Training............................
Expert 3 Computers in a short computer training project for Teachers and Students of "SWID School for the Intellectually Disabled" Chittagong Branch.
SWID Buddhi Protibondhi School CHITTAGONG
Mr. Shameem Ahmed, Principal SWID School, Ctg, discussing with Zonal Chief of Expert 3 Computers about training program
First Day practical computer education provided to Teachers of SWID School for the Intellectually Disabled - Chittagong
First Day practical computer education provided to Teachers of SWID School for the Intellectually Disabled - Chittagong



Computer Classrooms

Expert 3 Computers is a Computer Training School in Chittagong established in 1998. We offer computer courses for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children, which include comprehensive training from basic to advanced computer skills. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know, using patient, experienced and friendly instructors. Expert 3 Computer offers home computer tutoring courses available for residents of Chittagong City.

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Munia Troubleshooting a PC

Ornob working with PC

Expert 3 Computers is here to solve all of your computer problems. We provide computer repair services for Chittagong. If your home or business needs computer repair, we're here for you.
If you want to upgrade or replace any internal hardware or internal device, we will install that hardware for you. We pride ourselves on being fast and yet completely thorough and professional.
Drop off your desktop or laptop computer at our office or we can come to your home to perform the hardware install. We can also pick up your computer, install the hardware and deliver it back to you.

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Adila Apparels

Janani Computers

Web Designing
Expert 3 Computer’s Web Design experts know exactly the best way to build and illustrate your services. Landing pages are used to speak to customers about the exact service or product that they are interested in. We will work with your company to figure out your complete list of services that will best promote your business in the most effective way. Strategic landing pages can single-highhandedly change your business over night and grow business to it’s operating limit. We have top-notch professionals that will implement these pages to get the most out of your Google Adwords campaigns.
We only offer maintenance to websites that we designed and built.

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New dexktop Computer

Used Computer

Computer Sales
We sell new and used computer systems. Whether you're looking for something simple and just for word processing or something more complex such as a top-notch gaming rig, we can build a computer for you! If you don't wish to have a new computer, and are looking for a deal on a newer model, we have used computers available for sale, too. 

We can build and customize computers to meet several different requirements including Gaming, Internet, Multimedia, Video editing, etc.  All custom built computers are configured using standard manufacturer's parts and carry a 1 year guarantee. 

Store-bought computers tend to be configured to suit several different user's minimum requirements.  We can build a computer tailored to exceed your specific needs and it will most likely cost less than one bought off the shelf.  Prices vary based on specific needs.  A key advantage is that you can probably use the majority of your existing computer system such as hard drives, video controller, monitor, keyboard, etc.   Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Call us now at 01818-454074 to schedule an appointment.
10th SAARCH Assembly Meeting 2006
Banner SAARCH 2006
10th SAARCH ASSEMBLY AND SEMINAR 2006- South Asian Architecture Today and Tomorrow, Dhaka

Me in Instant Photo Service Booth_Day 1.BRAC centre Inn

Me-Rayhan Shipu and the Team in front of Booth_Day 2.BRAC centre Inn

Me in Booth_Inaugural Ceremony_Day 2.BRAC centre Inn

Me-Rayhan Shipu & Team member in front of Booth_Day 2.BRAC centre Inn

Me in Booth_Inaugural Ceremony_Day 2.BRAC centre Inn

Me in Booth_Inaugural Ceremony_Day 2.BRAC centre Inn

Inaugural Ceremony_Day 2.BRAC centre Inn

Spectra Conventation Centre_Cultural Prog_Day 2

Spectra Conventation Centre_Cultural Prog_Day 2

Rayhan Shipu-Spectra Conventation Centre Welcome Dinner_Day 2

Seminar_Day 3.BRAC centre Inn

Cultural Prog_Evening with HABIB_Seminar Day 3


Ability Beyond Disability
We Salute all these people...
Major Zahirul Islam
Major Zahirul Islam Major Zahirul Islam on Facebook
Mohammad Mohasin
Mohammad Mohasin Mohammad Mohasin on Facebook
I’m Md. Mohshin son of Md. Abdul Sattar, mother Moriom Begum, born in 06th October in 1987 Gazipur district’s Morkun (Purbo para) village under Tongi thana. I’m the first child of my parents so My parents was too happy with their first child. But their joy did not last long as I was attacked by disable when I have been attacked by Polio & Typhoid at the age of six months...Read Biography of Mohammad Mohasin
Tarek Kalam
Tarek Kalam Tarek Kalam on Facebook
My name is Tarek Kalam. I had a spinal deformity from childhood. In 1973, when I was 13 years old I had an operation in then Shaheed Shaurwardy Hospital in Dhaka to correct the deformity by an American bone specialist namely Dr. Ronald Garst. The operation was successful, however, I used to get severe back pain whilst playing any outdoor sports e.g. basketball, cricket etc. I passed my SSC (1977) from St. Placid’s High School and HSC (1979) from Chittagong Government College.Read Biography of Tarek Kalam
Nigar Sultana
Nigar Sultana Nigar Sultana on Facebook
yusuf a sohag
Yusuf A Sohag Yusuf A Sohag on Facebook
Rahmatullah Rahmat
Rahmatullah Rahmat Rahmatullah Rahmat on Facebook
Working Group on Disability

Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed CRP

Web: http://www.crp-bangladesh.org/

CRP Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Systems Change Advocacy Network B-SCAN

Web: http://www.b-scan.org/


Parents Forum for Differently Able PFDA

Web: http://www.parents-forum.org/blog/


Society of the Deaf & Sign Language Users SDSL

Web: http://www.sdsl.org.bd


Spinal Injury Association of Bangladesh SIAB

Web: http://www.spinalinjuries-bangladesh.com/



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